neuronFMS – Fleet Management Solutions

neuronFMS - Fleet Management Solutions

Tour & Travel Operators or Fleet Operators the story, the survival , the challenges and the solution….!

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The Story

In India, the emerging market of Globalised Economy, the Tour & Travel Operators or Fleet Operators business has a lot of potential as the Tourism, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Information & Technology and other allied industries have great prospects to grow further and the momentum of people movement both inside as well as touring outside the country is increasing manifold.

The Survival

The existence of the business needs a strong managerial capability, innovative ideas and a flair for using the technology and tools for the effective and successful operation.

The Challenges

The business model of Tour & Travel Operators or Fleet Operators is very complex involving  many strenuous operational procedures, stringent control system, shrewd professional stance and a stimulating people management prowess.The complex areas of the business domain are the Vehicle Management , Trip Management ,  Driver Management and Customer Management.All of them needs strenuous operational procedures of recording and maintaining the transactional data or information, correlating with the projections or standards and reporting the disparity or variations to register the real performance of the Organisation. This will help to understand the status of progress and alert to rise to the occasion.

The Vehicles are the most valuable assets and the key­resources of the business network. Since the investments on Vehicles are huge and fast depreciable, it needs to have stringent control system in operation, maintenance and consumption of fuel & spare to understand the overall performance and alert to rise to the occasion.

The Trip or Tour is the main function of the business domain. Organising the Trip or Tour, co-ordinating the Customers, arranging the vehicles, drivers are all hectic tasks. This needs shrewd professional stance to understand the complexity of demands, act fast, coordinate and fix the task.This is possible with a time tested and proven approach with the help of contemporary technologies and tools. Better the performance better the returns.

The Drivers and the Customers will always be challenging in this field of business. Allocating the exact vehicle with enthusiastic driver both with full fitment will give best customer satisfaction.

This needs stimulating people management prowess to handle both the Drivers and Customers diligently. Facts and Figures always speak with People, do have a scintillating system which can give you a better picture instantly   to manage the trouble times intelligently. Better the Customer Experience better the turnover.

The Solution

neuronFMS – A Fleet Management System powered by Mitosis Technologies is a contemporary system which can give a better solution for the Tour & Travel Operators and Fleet Operators with dynamic Dashboard and Business Intelligence Reports.



Will discuss in detail the impediments and remedies of Travel Operators and Fleet Operators , in my next blog.

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