Accounts and Finance Software Solutions

Accounts and Finance Software Solutions

Accounts and Finance is the backbone for any business. You need to meet compliances irrespective of core business. Some of the Accounts and Finance software solutions are isolated from their other business modules. Some of the solutions met interoperability with huge cost that address only the big enterprises. SME is always in struggle. We have come from SME background and we understood their problem. Mitosis has come up with interoperability with existing modules and cost effective solutions which SME can afford. We never compromise architecture considerations while deliver the functionalities. Security is important aspects when finance has come into mind. If you have product that met enough load challenges along with security, you would love to embrace. If you get lot many functionalities with next generation millennial UI, you love to embrace it.


  1. GST enabled(GST compliance).
  2. Journal Entry.
  3. Vouchers.
  4. Income and expenses.
  5. Receipts.
  6. Trial Balance.
  7. Profit and Loss.
  8. Balance Sheet.
  9. Ledger Transaction Report.
  10. and many more.

ERP assistance on accounts and finance software, you can contact us through

Mitosis is a IT services providing company with strong expertise. We are customer focused organization, and take great satisfaction in developing technology solutions that enable our clients to achieve their business goals.

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