Mitosis is IT service providing company with office located at chennai,India.We are customer focused organisation, and take great satisfication in developing technology solutions that enable our clients to achieve their business goals.



Our quick and affordable solutions enable clients to receive an engaging mobile app to use in virtually any industry


Mitosis offers a full range of product development services for new product development and for re-engineering


Mitosis offers Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions that help businesses operate more effectively and so they can make strategic decisions that keep them efficient and profitable.


We deliver solutions that excel in high-complexity environments to achieve challenging business objectives.


We listen to your needs, and develop custom software applications designed specifically for your business.


Mitosis offers a full range of product development services for new product development and for re-engineering existing products to new platforms and technologies.

Our History

We started at 2012 as an application development company. Since then, we’ve helped many companies reduce their IT expenses, eliminate technology headaches, and increase their productivity and peace of mind.

Our Team

We have around 50+ IT professional having expert skills in Java, Android, iPhone, Python, Openbravo, OpenERP. When considering IT service provider, you might think that technical competency is important. We won’t deny that it’s important, but what really matters is personal fit.Our team,like other IT service companies is very technical savvy. We’re smart and knowledgeable about Technologies.Our team has loads of practical experience from working with lots of clients during nearly two years in business.

What sets us apart is the connection we make with each client, and our ability to adapt to different personalities, communication preferences, and work styles. We can be deadly serious or wickedly funny, but we’re always conscientious, consummate professionals. We treat your requirement as if it were our own. We speak directly and plainly, varying the degree of technical information based on what works for you. We stand by our clients, and they by us.

Our Scrum Development Methodology

We follow these below Meetings

  • Backlog Refinement (aka Grooming) Meeting
  • Sprint Planning Meeting
  • Daily Scrum Meeting
  • Sprint Review Meeting
  • Sprint Retrospective Meeting

Scrum Artifacts We Do

  • The Product Backlog
  • Product Backlog Items (PBIs)/User Story
  • The Sprint Backlog
  • Sprint Burndown Charts

Developement Team

  • Cross-functional (Our developer has testing skills and domain experts)
  • Has ownership regarding how to reach commitments
  • Self-organizing / self-managing
  • collaborative

ERP Solutions

Mitosis offers Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions that help businesses operate more effectively and so they can make strategic decisions that keep them efficient and profitable.

OpenBravo ERP is a leading enterprise web based ERP platform that effectively supports ongoing customization and agile deployment processes experienced by early users. It is a high-end Enterprise Resource Planning product that ensures business agility, highest productivity, and sustained ROI, with seamless integration features. This groundbreaking ERP solution sets a completely new standard in the industry, with an unparalleled combination of usability, flexibility, and affordability.

OpenBravo Advantages:
  • Openbravo's web based ERP has several benefits
  • is easily configurable off-the-shelf
  • has shorter implementation cycles
  • is easily scalable to meet the needs of a growing organization
  • is built on open source technology platform
  • is modular, with extensive add-ons
  • is an easy-to-integrate to platform
  • has multi-language, multi-currency, multi-accounting, multi-organizational capabilities.
List of Business Domain supported
  • Finance
  • Accounting
  • Sales and marketing
  • Procurement
  • HR
  • Manufacturing
  • Quality

OpenERP S.A. is the software vendor of the Odoo product (formerly OpenERP). OpenERP S.A. is a company founded in 2002 by Fabien Pinckaers, its current CEO. It has now 250 employees, 6 offices (Belgium, US San Francisco, US New York, Luxembourg, India, Hong Kong) and activities in 110 countries with a vast partner network of more than 500 official partners.

Odoo is the fastest evolving business software in the world. Odoo has now a complete suite of business applications covering all business needs, from Website/Ecommerce down to manufacturing, inventory and accounting, all seamlessly integrated. It is the first time ever a software editor managed to reach such a functional coverage.

OpenERP Applications
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Sales Management
  • Purchase Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Production/Manufacturing
  • Point of Sale
  • Accounting & Finance
  • Human Resources Management
  • Project Management
  • Fleet Management
OpenERP Features
  • Zero license costs
  • Ultimate flexibility - No “black box” package
  • No vendor lockin - Using standard data formats and protocols
  • Less risk - Future of system not tied to one company
  • Easy Integration with third party applications
  • Extensibility
  • Unlimited user support
  • Powerful object level user rights
  • User Friendly
  • Scalable
OpenERP Industry Solutions
  • School Management
  • Health & Hospital Management
  • Hologram Industry
  • Packaging Industry
  • Carpet Industry
  • Paper Industry
  • Information Technology
  • E-Commerce
  • Retail
  • Cement Industry
  • Real Estate
  • Construction

IT Services

Mitosis helps businesses that aren't getting the IT support and guidance they need to run their businesses efficiently.

iPhone/iPad application development

We develop customized mobile applications for iPad and iPhone that enhance user adoption and improve their access to your business thorough the digital medium. With our strong technical capabilities and well-defined methodology, we provide full support -- FROM market research TO design, development and launch of your application into the app store marketplace. Our strong & dedicated team of iPhone Application developers, works closely with our customers to identify areas to enhance user experience and bring your ideas to life.

Our iOS development solutions include:

  • User analysis
  • Testing
  • Submission to app store
  • Architecture mapping
  • Concept design
  • iOS application development
  • Competitive analysis
  • Mobile strategy consulting
  • Maintenance and upgrades.

Our Technical expertise:

  • Native iOS programming with Xcode, Interface builder and Cocoa on OS X
  • iOS application development for iOS 4.0 , 5.0 and 6.0
  • iOS application quality assurance and testing
  • Application registration on Apple iTunes Store
  • Regular maintenance and upgrades of iOS applications

Web App Development services range from developing simple to complex robust Web applications with advanced enterprise application integration features as well as other advanced solutions. This is one of our key differentiators, enabling our clients to truly leverage technology to achieve their business and IT objectives.

Web Application Development include:

  • Application design, development and implementation
  • Systems integration, customization and configuration
  • Re-engineering, source code refactoring
  • Feasibility and requirement analysis for business case

Hybrid Application Development employs native app features and capabilities and also serves to put companies and developers on the path towards the adoption of HTML5 mobile app development. Basically a hybrid app is a native app that runs most, if not all, of its user interface in an embedded browser component.The real difference is on the hybrid app development side by developers. So instead of having developers recode the app from scratch for each mobile platform, they are writing part of the app’s code in HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript, thus giving them the ability to reuse it across multiple mobile operating systems.

Hybrid Mobile App Development Services

Mitosis provides complete end to end hybrid mobile app development solutions. We are able to combine the power of HTML5 development with the latest mobile device frameworks, such as PhoneGap and Sencha, to create native looking apps for all the major mobile platforms like iOS (iPhone & iPad), Android, BlackBerry and Windows Mobile.

Benefits of hybrid mobile app development include:

  • Create using HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript,Angularjs and ionic.
  • Cross-platform/multi-platform development.
  • Use of open source technologies like PhoneGap,Cordova.
  • Provides access to device features and capabilities.
  • Highly interactive and impressive user interfaces
  • Cost-effective
Product Engineering

Our teams of experts help you create the next generation of software offerings, cutting costs and shortening new product time-to-market while ensuring higher quality, more new features per release and greater innovation.

We can develop your product from start to finish, or handle individual segments of the process for you (such as architecture, UI development, functionality development, QA and security testing).

We offer the full range PDLC services, from Design and Development to Sustenance and Support, Platform Modernization and Application Management.


They are people and organizations with ambitious missions. They want to unleash the power of software for their cause or business. We help them envisage, design and deliver. Here are some recent examples.


We'd love to help and to work with you. Please give us a few details and we'll get back to you soon.


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